The 5 Best Rated Crossover Vehicles In Terms Of Gas Mileage

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Coming up with a list of five of the best rated crossover vehicles in the industry based on fuel consumption is a difficult task. This is not because they do not exist, but because the crossover segment of the motor industry is quite hard to define comprehensively. Before the term gained mainstream acceptance, it was basically used as a marketing term. These vehicles are proving to be extremely popular with American families who have grown weary of the stiff riding and fuel guzzling trucks. The best crossover vehicles are mainly judged based on their capacity to give the longest mileage with minimum gas consumption.

A good number of vehicle buyers, especially in America, are in agreement that a good crossover has to have a minivan’s practicality, an SUV’s attitude and the kind of performance associated with a sedan. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regularly categorizes vehicles in the United States based on their gas consumption. However, this agency is yet to classify the crossover vehicle segment.

Best Rated Crossover Vehicles - Nissan Rogue also doesn’t cater for the crossover vehicle segment. This leaves the onus of the comparison on the vehicle manufacturers themselves. It is indisputable that the popularity of the sports utility vehicle is waning. The rising gasoline prices aren’t helping the situation either. Below are the best rated crossover vehicles all of which boast of the easy to manoeuvre car platform as opposed to the SUV’s heavy off road frame.

Best Rated Crossover Vehicles As Fuel Consumption Is Concerned

• Top on the list is the Toyota RAV 4. This two wheel four cylinder crossover car consumes 22 miles per gallon (mpg) on city roads or 9.4 kilometers per liter, 28 mpg or 11.9 kilometers per liter on the highways and 24 mpg or 10.2 kilometers per liter when the two are combined. The Environmental protection Agency mileage of this car is 1 mile per gallon or 0.4 km per liter while on four wheel drive. Its manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) is $22,000.

• Second on the list of the best rated crossover vehicles is the Toyota highlander hybrid. This crossover variant gives 28 mpg or 11.9 kpl within the city, 28 mpg or 11.9 kpl on the highway and 28 mpg or 11.9 kpl when the two are combined. This vehicle has two power trains consisting of a V-6 gasoline engine with a 231 horsepower output and a battery powered electric motor. When working simultaneously, the two power trains have a total output of 280 horsepower. Its MSRP is a bit higher at $37,490.

• Third in line is the Nissan Rogue which boasts of a continuous variable transmission (CVT). This process makes use of a belt and pulley system in the transfer of power as opposed to the gear system. It has a respectable 22 mpg or 9.4 kpl within the city confines, 28 mpg or 11.9 kpl on the highway and a combined consumption of 25 mpg or 10.6 kpl.

• Number four on the list is the Mini Cooper Countryman. The EPA awards higher marks to the Countryman especially the two wheel drive. It has 28 mpg or 11.9 kpl in the city, 35 mpg or 14.9 kpl on the highway and 31 mpg or 13.2 kpl when the two are combined. It was the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)’s pick for 2011 top safety car. It has a starting price of $22,000.

• Last but not least on the list of the best rated crossover vehicles is the Honda CR-V. The two wheel drive has a better mileage than the four wheel drive one. It does 21 mpg or 8.9 kpl in the city, 28 mpg or 11.9 kpl on the highway and 24 mpg or 10.2 kpl when the two are combined.

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